First launch after the lockdown, filmed by our former chairman Steve Young.


Busiest day of the year so far! A full car park and most of our fleet out and soaring the ridge through the day.
Highlight was definitely the first appearance of John's brand new LAK 17, appropriately with Whisky Papa on the tail!
John really enjoyed his first flight in it, a lot more than the rigging crew enjoyed putting it together 😉 I'm sure it'll get easier the more we practise.
Good training flights for Rich and Jake and decent, if bumpy, ridge soaring for Andy, Ellen, Colin, Adrian and Bruce.
And we just managed to get the mud washed away, the hangar cram packed and WP back in its box by sunset.

It's new year, so let's turn out the whole hangar! The ridge was working this morning and R1 and 354 got the sniff of wave in the glen, but had to scuttle back to avoid a huge rain shower.
Once that passed through, the wind dropped a bit and the ridge stopped working, but picked up again towards the end of the afternoon when Ellen took a visitor up into gentle wave for an hour or so.
Phil and Adrian took the K21 for its first flight after repair, to find there's a problem with the TE and vario systems. Probably due to the trip to Yorkshire and back on its open trailer. Fingers crossed for a quick fix tomorrow!
Thanks to Robert for the tows.

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