Stuart writes, "After persuading the tuggie to turn up earlyish, a thoroughly productive day with 7 soaring flights and 3 power flights, mostly utilising the unstable wave.  The first two flights had the best of the wave with  large gaps allowing soaring to 6500' and probably some of the best cloudscapes I've seen in a long time.  Tony and Ellen took some outstanding photos of the cloudscape and Ben Rinnes (An S&G cover if ever I saw one!) - see below.  Robert Douglas had an hour and twenty in the K21, Alexander took his first flight in the front of the Duo and after soaring for an hour (proud dad bit) landed it perfectly (- sorry son it'll be years and years and years before you're signed off..!)  Derek C then had 48 mins in the K21 soaring to 5000'.  This was interspersed with Roger, Scott and Angie breaking out the concrete Swans from the back of the hangar and Angie taking a trip to Ben Rinnes and Ben Aigan for the longest flight of the day at just under an hour and a half.  All this was facilitated by our hard work at the start of the year to lay the Perfo runway, without which we would have been unable to launch today. Here's hoping for more of the same!"