The Highland Gliding Club has been gliding at Easterton Airfield since 1991.

We were able to purchase the ground in 1994 and since then we have built 2 hangars and have a new clubhouse.

At present the club operates 2 gliders with around another 12 privately owned gliders on site. The main system of launching is by a twin drum winch, although aerotows are available with our new EuroFox tug aircraft. This has been purchased to take over from the Supermunk operated by Fulmar Gliding Club, the RAFGSA club which moved its operations to Easterton in June 2000. The Supermunk has done sterling service for both clubs in recent years, but is now due to be retired. The gliders we operate are a K21 and a Junior, and we also have access to a Duo Discus and an Astir CS belonging to Fulmar GC, as well as a privately owned motor glider for field landing and navigation exercises.

The club has a grass runway approx 800 metres long and varying in width but never less than about 80 metres wide. The track for towing out cables divides the runway into north and south strips. Flying takes place all year round, mostly at weekends. There are about four weeks of the year when we fly all week; details can be found on our Calendar.

Membership stands at approximately 60 and the club is run by a board of directors. When westerly winds blow there's a small ridge just downwind of the airfield which can produce lift up to about 2,000 feet, although mostly it works quite a lot lower, typically 1,400 feet. During the spring and summer there are good thermal conditions sometimes giving transition into wave which can come at any time of year and from most wind directions.

There have been a number of wave climbs above 20,000 feet from the site and if you care to visit our photo gallery you can catch a glimpse of some of our gliders in the local wave. Better still, come to Easterton and try it for yourself!


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