The weather has not been kind to the club over the last few months, with what feels like rather more rain (and wind) than average thwarting our attempts to fly. However, let’s not forget the number of achievements by club members in 2023 – we’ve had first solos, Silver badges, conversions to single-seaters and even a brand new instructor to add to our team, not to mention several enthusiastic new members bringing positive energy to the place.

Our stoic members have been making the most of the recent downtime to crack on with all the invisible maintenance tasks that keep our club running. We’re very grateful to everyone who gives their time, whether they wield a spanner, spade, spreadsheet or sponge. Those who maintain the aircraft, service the ground equipment, mow the runway and keep the clubhouse lights on are our true heroes.

Just before New Year’s Eve a merry band of five cleaned the clubhouse and emptied the entire hangar in order to put two aircraft into the workshop, ready for their annual maintenance, so as to get 2024 off to a good start. And on New Year’s Day Messrs Naylor, Thomas and Fisher managed the first flights of the year in the Venture. With a spell of relatively dry weather in the forecasts, hopefully there will be more flying in the days to come, especially for our patient trainees.

So, a happy New Year to all, and fingers crossed that 2024 brings a positive change in the weather so we can get back to normal operations!

Highland Gliding Club
Easterton Airfield
United Kingdom

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