Last Updated: 18th March 2019

FEES AND CHARGES 2019        
Subscription Rate Category Annual BGA/SGA Site TOTAL
  Subscription Capitation Levy  
Ordinary Member £192.00 £37.00 £96.00 £325.00
Family Member (2 adults and unlimited children) £288.00 £74.00 £192.00 £554.00
Country Member £128.00 £37.00 £96.00 £261.00
Senior Member £96.00 £37.00 £96.00 £229.00
Associate Member £32.00   £96.00 £128.00
Young Adult (18 to 25) £96.00 £37.00 £96.00 £229.00
Junior Member (under 18) £32.00     £32.00
The annual capitation levy to the BGA and SGA is not included in the membership subscription. It amounts to approximately £37. All members except Juniors also pay a site levy of £96 for upkeep of the airfield.        
Reciprocal Membership is extended free of charge to members of Angus, Aquila, Borders, Bowland Forest, Cairngorm, Connel, Cornish, Deeside, Dumfries, Fulmar/RAFGSA, Strathclyde and Wolds Gliding Clubs and the Scottish Gliding Union.        
Daily Membership Fee (available only to members of BGA Clubs to whom reciprocal membership is not extended) £5.00
Flying Fees        
Winch launch in Club Glider       £5.50
Winch launch in Private Glider       £7.50
Aerotow   per minute   £3.00
Air time per minute in HYJ or JMY  (first hour)       £0.40
Air time per minute in HYJ or JMY (after 1 hour)       £0.25
Air time per minute in FGC gliders – please enquire         
G-CGYG non-towing flights       £1.00
Air Experience Flights        
Winch launch plus up to 15 minutes air time (including 1 month's membership)   £35.00
2000' Aerotow plus up to 30 minutes air time (including 1 month's membership)   £75.00
Additional air time per minute (up to first full hour)       £0.40
Additional air time per minute (after 1 hour)        £0.25
Badge Claim Flights        
First solo will be free of charge        
A rebate of £10 will be made off the cost of successful Silver duration flights in Club gliders  
All other badge claim flights will be charged at normal rates        
Other Charges     Per Month Per Year
Trailer and caravan parking     £7.00 £84.00
Glider hangarage     £25.00 £300.00
Power hangarage (including all landing fees)     £50.00 £600.00
Workshop 1st 8 weeks £5 per week Thereafter £10 per week
Use of Buffer        £20.00
Hard Wax        £5.00
Landing fee (visiting aircraft)       £5.00
Aircraft parking      per night £10.00


Highland Gliding Club
Easterton Airfield
United Kingdom
Tel - +44 (0) 1343 860272

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