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Airfield Layout

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Reasons for Positioning


  • Runway – 500m x 6m = 3000m²
  • Taxiway ① – 40m x 4m = 160m²
  • Taxiway ② - 85m x 4m = 340m²
  • Total Area = 3500m²



  • Runway
  • Keeps landing area clear
  • Long enough for power to take off in both directions
  • Far enough away from tractor track to avoid wing on track
  • Same width as Aboyne Runway
  • Allows take off run utilising ramp
  • Taxiway ①
  • Connects west end to east end for taxiing
  • Taxiway ②
  • To Connect Robbie Mackay hangar to Runway
  • Remove Car Entrance Track ③
  • To maximise length of existing Aerotow Strip
  • Put down new hardcore car track ④
  • To move vehicular traffic to boundary of field
  • Reduces risk of Aerotow Rope Strike
  • Utilise existing aerotow strip adding paving slabs as markers ⑤
  • To clearly delineate this runway for visitors
  • Markings need to include XX to put pilots off attempting to land on
  • Max load on 2 Artic Trucks = 2 x 1760m²

           Total Available Area = 3520m²

Highland Gliding Club
Easterton Airfield
United Kingdom

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