A note on this past week from our CFI, Mike Black.
The Go-Solo course went ahead and we flew on every day across the week. Our students were Jordanna Alexander, Luke Arpino, Joe Lightfoot and Rob Wilson. On Monday we started off with some winch launches but there was some horrendous sink all around the circuit so we used the Tug for the afternoon. We managed several flights of over 1 hr in both HYJ and R1 for some nice wave flights for the students. The station commander from RAF Lossiemouth came for a visit and he also had a 1hr 17 min ‘sortie’ in wave. Tuesday had some rain for the morning but the afternoon cleared and 16 short launches were achieved. For Wednesday we mainly used the winch again but also had a couple of aero-tows too, some of the students managed to climb away in thermals from the winch and then up to 3500’. Thursday saw the students progressing well and more winch launching taking place. On Friday we continued with winch launching for the students as they were working on their approach control and landings. We had four excellent students on the course and the all made significant progress over the week. However, one student - Luke Arpino progressed so well that he was able to go solo today 18 September, so a very big well done to him.
I have many, many people to thank for their help across the course week; I did start writing names here but I was worried I’d miss someone as there were just so many people helping out and I really didn’t want to miss anyone. In particular I must offer a special thanks to all of our winch drivers and assistants and cable retrieve crews for a spectacular week of winching with no breaks, snarl-ups or winch issues at all. Martin Knight also needs to thanked in particular for his work on the winch last weekend. Also thanks again to the rest of you who helped out on the bus, operating the launch control and logging flights, or just for helping out with the usual aspects of running the airfield during the week. I will also single out Ellen and Stuart who have been tireless in briefing, flying and aero-towing the students every day. A fantastic week and a fantastic set of club members – thank you to all who helped.
Photos show the cadets being educated about circuits by Ellen, with an imaginative use of the hangar floor and chalk, and three of them with Mike, Stuart and Ellen.
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