Another couple of excellent wave and training weekends since I last posted here. 10 days ago, Z5 and 753 were all over the space between us and Aboyne/Feshie, with excellent and persistent wave. HYJ was out at Aberlour area and suddenly looking at fields, which involved an overnight retrieve - thanks to everyone who helped with this and to Robert for the loan of his trailer. Also a warm welcome back to Cameron, who last flew with us around 8 years ago before heading off to University and had his first field landing on his first day back!
This weekend was a little different, with lots of blue around, lots of clag and low bases to the south, but just enough gentle SE wave to give Robert a fine flight on Saturday in 115, while Phil did a longer trip. Yesterday saw Dan being signed off for aerotow solo after a check and he found some weak wave just off-site to extend his flight.
Finally, we had a safety seminar with a helpful oversight from Mike Black, a more general quiz from John T, - which we should all apparently have got completely right! - and a useful contribution on rigging from Stuart.

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