Saturday was blowy, boisterous and blooming cold! Just 2 launches, and they were a bit too late to take advantage of the wave, which our pals from the south were enjoying from the early hours.
Geddes took Matt away for a training flight, while Phil and Bruce went hunting for wave in R1, with just one working pneumatic vario. Really turbulent air up to 2,500' and above that there still weren't many clear signs of the wave. HYJ climbed a bit to 3,500' or so, while R1 made a pretty bumpy descent to the ridge. We might have got into something better further south, but that wasn't happening with an Aberdonian and a Fifer on board!
Sunday's wind was strong too, but straight down the strip, so we had winch launches for John with Rob and Mike with Ellen. We also showed a new member around the club, Dan, who's just moved from Essex to Inverness. He'll be turning up to re-solo after a couple of years away from gliding. Thanks to Tony for driving the winch and Ruari for driving the bus.

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