Definitely a weekend of 2 halves. Saturday had some wave going on to start the day, though it fizzled out in the afternoon, but not before Geddes had a chance to fire off down to Huntly and then back via Marypark, topping out at around 9500'. Other soaring flights and a handful of training flights for the K21, so a really decent day.
Today the sky was a lot softer, with hardly any wind on the ground and veering from W through N to NE by the end. Very weak and patchy thermals under a fairly low base. John C ran up the beers with the longest flight at 29 minutes, though the power guys were also out in some force. Pics from John in the mighty JMY.
This is the start of our Spring club flying week, so there should be someone out most days, weather permitting. Sadly it looks like few prospects of wave, as we're stuck for a good bit of the week on the northern half of a low, with weak easterlies forecast. At least it should be a lot milder than recently!




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