My apologies to our followers who probably thought the club had upped sticks and moved on, or just died. Not so!! We've been as active as possible over the last few months, but this hasn't involved nearly as much flying as we'd like, sadly. Days and weeks of wet weather followed by snow have rendered the site unusable for long periods and, without our Perfo runway, we'd have had virtually no flying since last November. As it is, we've seen some ridge days and a very few days with moderate wave, so there have been a few soaring flights, but not many.

We've used the time to get most of the fleet through annual inspections and ARC renewals, anticipating the season better than we've done in some recent years. Also, our Eurofox had a 20 hour insepction the other day and is set and raring to go.
A week ago, the site was under a foot of snow, but thawed out over the week to leave what you see in this pic, taken yesterday by John C. after his post lay-off check flights, sitting at the launch point in the Junior yesterday. It's still very soggy in places and won't properly dry out until we get a good spell of dry and/or windy weather, but the Perfo makes all the difference.

Cloudbase yesterday was a heady 1100 feet, but still allowed for a couple of training flights for Rob, a post-annual check ride for Billy in 354, a re-solo for Francesca and John getting up on his own again, as well as Stuart flying a couple of his friendsw in R1.

It can only get better from here on in, can't it?


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