A good weekend for the last official one of the year. Some wave around yesterday (Saturday) with Phil having the best of it heading down to Linn o' Dee and back at up to around 10,000 feet, Derek making good progress with Geddes in the K21 and Angie and Bruce sharing an hour and a half in 115, after Robert had flown one of Rurai's pals.

Today (Sunday) was pretty benign, though Billy got away in 354 for a grin-inducing float around Craigellachie and Rothes in weak and shifting wave, followed by a VNE blast across the field. A few power visitors around as well today. And Patrick and Derek again had some intense training from Carl, with out of position tows and steep stalls for Patrick and more handling and coordination work for Derek.

Any flying over the holiday period will be weather and people dependent, though the coming week looks quite windy (!) on the long range forecasts. And we may see the Perfo arriving later in the week. A great way to work off seasonal excesses when it comes to laying it.

To one and all, a Merry Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and safe 2017.


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