Entertaining AGM last night with lots of good humour and no blood on the carpet (other clubs please note - this IS possible!).

Board members were re-elected and the usual suspects (Robert, Anne and Bruce) thrown back into office as Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

Excellent announcement of Mike Black as CFI designate when Geddes and Helen leave us to head south later in the year.

And then the prizes, all based on ladder postings and logsheets:
Duration in club glider - Chris Gill at 3'05" in R67
Height gain - 11210' to top out at 12960' - Craig Allan
Ladder distance - 278.9 km - Bruce Gordon
Meritorious flight - the same flight - Bruce again
CFI's Shield - for pushing and cajoling maintenance issues - Chris Gill
Monkey - for Murray Mints left where they shouldn't be - Angie Veitch

We committed ourselves to go ahead with the reinforced runway this coming summer and the funding application is almost in place now, with a minor change to the constitution passed unanimously as well.


Onwards and upwards!

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