Dry sunny weather at long last all this weekend, and the strip has dried out enough to be usable for aerotowing. It was almost windless so not much in the way of hill lift or wave, but the first thermals of the year were in evidence, and most of the fleet ventured past the hangar doors. No spectacularly long flights - the longest was under two hours - but after weeks of wild winds and water coming both down on us from above and up to us from below it was just great to get airborne in pleasant conditions. Here's hoping this is the first of many good weekends in 2016.

Our ASK21 G-CHYJ has gone to the Netherlands for essential work to be done. None of the qualified workshops in the UK could even look at the job until high summer - one told us that they were already working at capacity and turning away several jobs every week because they can't take them on. HYJ had some adventures on the way, but has now made it to Terlet, and we hope it won't be long before it's on its way home. In the meantime the Club has the use of the Twin Astir, by kind permission of the syndicate, so training can continue while the ASK21 is away.


 en route to the Netherlands


HYJ at Terlet undergoing repairs.HYJ at Terlet


The AGM is in a couple of weeks, on Saturday 12 March at 6 pm. We hope to see a large turnout of members for this important annual event.

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