The Easterton clubs were well represented at the UK Mountain Soaring Championship at Aboyne last week. Robert was in 115, Phil in 753 and Stuart in R1, accompanied, crewed and supported by Bruce (who managed to rig M17 but not to fly it!), Chris, Andy Blake, Trev and Ellen. Anne was also there, on the other side of the fence, having a really easy week in 'Control'. The weather could have been kinder. We lost two days to an obstinate high pressure sitting on top of us and two days to strong southerly winds creating turbulence over the airfield. However the three days when tasks were flown were stunning, in particular the Thursday, when task-setter Lemmy conjured a superb task out of an unpromising weather forecast. Sadly, no prizes found their way to Easterton this time, the cross-country going to John Williams of SGU, and the height gain to Pete Gray of Derbyshire and Lancashire GC. Full details, reports, results and photo gallery at

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