Well, I was so wrong about yesterday bringing our 2014 proceedings to a close! This from John Campbell:

There were only a few flights today with Andy Anderson landing 770 in a field up by Archieston shortly after coming off tow. Stuart to the rescue with Geddes' truck which he then got stuck in the field while retrieving, Colin having a good hour in R67 and myself and Geddes in HYJ managing just over an hour 10mins

Our tow was the last as conditions were deemed beyond limits. The tow itself has got to be the worst I have ever been in, full deflections all over the shop and almost loosing the rope at 200ft due to gusts from all angles but once up into the tiny tickles of wave is was silky smooth - 4600ft the max we got to. The sky looked better than it actually was.

And John's photo does indeed show a tempting sky! Looking west from east of the airfield towards Dallas, with Elgin, Burghead and Findhorn Bays on the right

Next post will be 2015. Happy New Year everyone!


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