16th - No flying again this weekend, unfortunately. The K21 did make it as far as the launch point but was then towed back as the cloudbase fell to the deck for a while. Field is still fairly soggy and just getting soggier as the rain continues this morning.
Still - some progress made, getting 770 and M17 out of the workshop and into trailers, M17 now boasting its new panel and oxygen and 770's wing retouched from a bit of trailer rash.
And thanks to Phil again who, despite having a crock ankle, managed to get down and dirty with the skirting boards after his heroic efforts on the flooring, so there's no more sign of the old water damage.
Better luck next week, maybe?

23rd - Still fairly soggy, unfortunately, to very soggy in parts. Too much altogether yesterday and too much so even for the K21 on tow today. So out came our one-legged winch and we ran single lines for the K21, with Geddes getting Slaweck, Patrick and new youngster Kirsty up for half an hour or so each.
Andrew, Roger and Bruce all had single seat towed flights ranging from 35-50 minutes, with the Rothes ridge producing miniscule lift and reduced sink in tiny patches. Nothing much thermic going on and a very blue, clear sky, but the sun is getting lower!
And Robert is heading home with his (and his syndicate's) new Twin Astir, after an epic - maybe even Herculean - go-fetch all the way to the Czech Republic and back over the weekend.

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