What a day on Saturday! Blue wave made for interesting challenges, but a few rose (sorry!) to the occasion, with Stuart taking the K6 away for a couple of hours and Geddes and John C having an hour in weak wave at Rothes in the K21

Final tops and tails from Geddes ended up with Andy Blake re-soloing after a few years' absence from the sport - congratulations! And Craig had another valiant attempt at his two hours.

Evening time and a grand, grand farewell bonfire saw P50 creating its final thermal - she'll be sorely missed, but a fitting end along with a fab firework display.

Sunday 9th - after last night's torrent, the field was good for ducks and other waders, but not much use for flying, with barely any wind to start drying things out.


Bonfire 2014                                           Bonfire


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