Tipping rain today, so no great enthusiasm for flying! But yesterday was again more promising than the forecast. Obvious signs of wave around and a 20 kt wind straight down the strip. Stuart took our new(ish) student Alastair up and away and ended up around 7,000' in wave above Glenlatterach, still going up when he had to come back down. Great hands on time and Alastair's first wave flight. Next up was Andy, another new Fulmar member who hadn't flown a glider for over 12 years, though he was a BI and knew what he was about. The wave had collapsed by this stage but he kept things going for 40 minutes or so and greased his approach and landing like a pro. Won't be long till he's back solo again. Robert took the Europa away for a navex to Longside via Insch and Banff. And a happy TM in the afternoon to round things off.

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