Saturday, and most of the fleet were elsewhere, with R1 off to the Inter-Services comp and 5 gliders (770, 664, P50, JYC and Z5) down at Feshie for the Inter-Club second meeting this year. Some training flights in the K21, though not much seemed to be happening in the sky. The ICL tasks were scrubbed for Saturday, which didn't stop nearly all of us taking a launch and having some fun in the South Bowl and up and down the ridge. A superb BBQ in the evening to wind up the day. The only downside was the plague of midges, which played havoc with everyone and especially the campers. Ian Lane and John C arrived at Feshie in the tug and Ian Tait took a retrieve tow home in P50 on a borrowed rope - saved de-rigging! Stuart and Alexander also turned up in the floater, having brought down the ICL trophy just in case...

Sunday was a scrub from the off at Feshie, due to the threat of heavy rain, and we packed up and headed back north after breakfast. A couple of power flights out of EAS, one being Robert returning the rope to Feshie, but no gliding.
Thanks to John Campbell for these photos, taken from the Eurofox as it headed home with Ian Tait at the other end of the rope. They show Portmoak's DG505 (5GC) heading back as the retrieve of P50 gets under way, and give a good idea of some of the delights on offer when the wind's in the right direction!.


ICL @ Feshie
ICL @ Feshie
ICL @ Feshie
ICL @ Feshie

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