The 19th was a fabby day of blue thermals, from nice gentle ones to "I'm gonna rip you apart" ones at 10 up, closely followed by 12 down and kicking like mules.
Terrific (and sometimes terrifying!) soaring flights for all, topped off by young Christopher's mum having half an hour with Angie and then the icing on the cake - Ian Tait came down after 5 hours 19 minutes in P50 to put a big tick on his card. A great achievement on a blue day like today. Well done, young man!

Sunday started off looking very unpromising - completely wall-to-wall blue and a slight north-easterly, which usually heralds a sea breeze and the close of play. But the thermals were out there anyway and we had 8 or 9 good soaring flights up to an inversion around 3,000 and occasionally through it up to 5,000 in weak wave/conversion. TM newcomer Jim (another one!) was instantly hooked and is likely to be back for more. Phil threw the Junior through its aerobatic paces and we had a few power flights in and out as well.

A few stills here from John's video, including a great aerial view of the site.

JMY Tail Cam
JMY Tail Cam
JMY Tail Cam


Watch the video (best viewed full screen at 1080p):


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