A spell of soarable weather alerted the midweek group to the possibility of bagging a couple of cross-country tasks this Friday. So, a skeleton crew launched Ross off on his first 50k to Feshie in his trusty Mosquito - well done Ross! - and Stuart in the mighty Nimbus zigzagged across the mountains to claim a 300k, proving that you don't need to be in the south of England for good thermals to take you places.

Ross' silver distance flight can be viewed here: https://bgaladder.net/flightdetails/107263

And Stuart's 300 can be viewed here: https://bgaladder.net/FlightDetails/107269

If it wasn't for everyone else in the midweek group being trapped by work, holidays or other obligations, there would no doubt have been more epic soaring flights to put up on the ladder from Easterton. We hope to see (and take advantage of!) more opportunities coming our way this summer...

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