We've had a weekend of flying, despite the fact that the site is pretty wet still after the recent rain. A good round of training and refresher flights yesterday, the first time we've had the K21 back online after a tricky annual inspection.
Thanks again to the 115 syndicate for lending us the twin for a couple of months.
More training going on today in very slack and variable winds. The Junior and 354 also had a couple of outings today, including Robert adding a new type to his logbook, which doesn't happen often!
We also said farewell to our old red International tractor, which has been quietly standing at the back of the site for years. No one can really remember when we last used it. But it's off to a new home (actually an old one - the bloke we originally bought it from!) and may well be gracing a farm vehicle display somewhere near you in a year or two, once it's been restored.
The airfield is still really soggy - visiting pilots be warned!