Quite a bit of cloud on Saturday 31 October with weak wave. The best being R1 getting to about 8000'.

On Sunday 1 November there was a clear blue sky day but there was unmarked wave around and if you could find it, climbs were good, though there was vicious turbulence below 2000' during the climb out and again in the circuit on return. Crystal clear air meant some fantastic views.
We should have been passing round the drams today as it was probably the best day of the year. 14 launches with nearly everyone having a long
and high wave flight. Craig Allan managed to bag his Silver and his Gold heights. The Taits in 115 went to Aboyne and back. Billy Fisher topped out
the day at 17,000' and reckoned that he could see the whole East coast from up there all the way down to Fife. Tony Mountain took R1 up to 12,000'. It
was certainly a very bright day and the lenticular clouds were neatly stacked and clearly visible across the Moray Firth all the way up to Thurso.
Andy Anderson was seen cleaning the heather and pine cone marks off the bottom of 770 after he scraped back from Ben Rinnes via Rothes, it may have
been marks from something else as he was mightly relieved to make it back. Both students managed flights to 5000' and found out what gliding is really
all about.  Colin Conti had a check flight and handled it all well. All in all though a fantastic day.