Yep, we're still here, and the site is still really damp, but today started off looking OK for the winch and a hop to the ridge. Patrick had a good flight with John T, soaring the K21 to around 2500' on the ridge, with some signs of weak wave around. The wind got up quite quickly, though, and was gusting 30-35 knots at one point. Classic for pinging weak links in single seaters, and Mark managed to break the cable one-up in the K21, so we called a halt to any further launches and managed to retrieve between 300 and 400 metres of parachute and cable from behind the hangars. No power lines were tripped during the performance of this stunt!
Robert got his newly UK registered Twin Astir rigged and into the hangar as well, all set for some shakedown flights as soon as the planets align. More wind, a bit of sunshine and no rain or snow would be the recommended recipe over the next few days.