Just about 10 seconds too late to get the most of the golden glow from the sunset! A great day for 'waviing' bye-bye to 2014, if it turns out there's no flying tomorrow. A sky full of tricksy wave, mostly not seemingly associated with the clouds, churns of rotor and chasms of sink, but Geddes, Phil, Roger, Craig, Colin H, Ian and Bruce all had good soaring flights.
Hats off to Craig, though, who had his longest solo flight by a country mile in R67 and ticks the XC endorsement box for his 2 hours. Thanks to Ian B and Martin for tows, Roger for the winch and Patrick and his dad for help on the ground. Oh, and to Sybllle for the delicious Stollen waiting in the clubhouse!
Great to see friends from far away places, Leana and Colin, having some fun and some flying.