Nice sunny day yesterday, and a healthy breeze down the strip meant that Rothes ridge was working. Tony stuck it for a couple of hours in R67, as high as around 2,500' which is quite good going! Geddes had a couple of hour-long training flights with Slawomir and Alastair and others, including Rick Jones on a quick visit, took their chances.

Today a lot colder than yesterday - when they said it was a cold front going through, they meant it! Stronger winds, snow flurries and a lack of people meant that all the work was done indoors. The Junior heading through its annual and ARC process thanks to Mike, Chris and Gerry.

Robert's good news is that the (new) Twin Astir should have completed its UK registration process by next weekend, so he can get it out of the box again. Sadly, G-TAIT wasn't available for the new reg (just as well, really, otherwise we'd have had to start calling him Geoffrey!)