The ATC week and club autumn flying week ended with a bang (on the winch - see earlier news article for the photos of the snarl-up last Friday) and another celebration when Geddes sent Josh off solo on Friday afternoon. Many thanks to all instructors, winch drivers and ground crew for helping out during what was admittedly not our best ever soaring week. But it did turn out to be ideal for the ATC circuits, with all 5 of them getting between 15 and 20 launches over 5 days of flying. Here's hoping we see some of them back to continue their training!
Yesterday was quite windy, giving some sporty take-offs and landings, with the ridge just about working - certainly long enough to give Phil an hour and a half in 753 and Bruce around an hour in JTW (now rechristened "M17"). Geddes also took the LS8 off to Dallas and found enough weak wave to keep him up there for a couple of hours. A lot of work done on the ground as well, while Robert flew a few of the guests who'd traveled up for Teresa's birthday.
And today was just too windy to open the hangar doors, apart from some really heavy showers going through. At least Jim got started on what might be the final grass cut of the year.