At long, long last - 2 days of flying (and that includes soaring!) in a single weekend. Seems like ages since that last happened. Yesterday was a days of thermals cycling with showers and then great blue holes, which happened 3 or 4 times during the day. Lucky if you picked your moment for a launch. Andy and Alastair both had good progressive flights with John T instructing. Soaring for Craig, Bruce and visitor Martin Watt, up on hols from Cranwell.
Today was one of those days where most of the sky seemed to be going up, a day to stretch your legs. Mike Black as DI was busy with young Patrick in the morning and quite a few people looking for winch checks (first time the winch has been out for a number of weeks). Stuart arrived at lunchtime to do some towing. More super flights for Craig, filling his boots before he heads off to the US on his holidays, Martin in the Junior again and Bruce, who notched up Lochindorb in the afternoon.
Preparations mostly complete for the 5 gliders heading off to the UK Mountain Soaring Comp at Aboyne next week. Lots of gliders into their trailers and quite an empty hangar for a change!