Last weekend we had a couple of firsts. Craig's first solo at EAS and he notched up over an hour - nice one! Time to get you into the Junior soon, I think.

Trevor took the K21 for a wave flight around Moray, up to 9,000' over Aberlour, and Andy also bagged around 8,000'.

After a great deal of work, Mike Laity finally saw his 'new' ASW15 take to the skies for the first time. Unfortunately he had blocked ears from a cold, so Phil did the honours.

Today we were delighted to see John and Julie Hull on site, on a short visit back here after 17 years away!

Another first today, with Matt finally getting his Dart up and soaring after lengthy repairs. John Hull then had a flight (of nostalgia) in it as well. I think that brings us up to around a dozen private gliders on site now.

The other major achievement is that John C has got the Flarm radar up and working at Easterton. The only thing we need now is a few more Flarm-equipped gliders!

A 'Live Tracking' page has also been set up for ease of viewing.  This also contains a flight log of the days flights thanks to the site.