We managed a few good flying days in October although there wasn't much wave around. November brought very wet conditions and we either couldn't fly because it was pouring rain or when it wasn't the runway was waterlogged. We almost had a tug upset when it hit a particularly boggy bit due to a burst drain. The run of bad weather continued into December with almost no flying. About a week before Christmas the snow started and continued almost non-stop into 2010. When it wasn't snowing it remained very cold. The last flying of the year was done on the 28th of December when a few brave souls dragged the K-21 through the snow for 4 winch launches.


September ended well with several flights to 12,000 feet near the end of the month.

Saturday 19th - Angie and Bruce Gordon took the duo to 10,000 feet in the morning. The wave became broken up by thermal in the afternoon but as the wind swung around to west the ridge was working well.

Weekend 12th / 13th - High pressure, blue skies and stable air. Only a few flights on Sunday as there was no obvious lift around. Easterton pilots were successful at Aboyne in the Mountain Soaring Competition with our Chairman, Robert Tait, winning the contest and Stuart Naylor winning the height trophy. A fantastic achievement, very well done. For more information and to see those belly dancing photos visit the UKMSC website.

Weekend 5th / 6th - After the deluge and local flooding on the 4th the airfield was too wet to use this weekend.


Weekend 29th / 30th - No flying on Saturday, only a few winch launches on Sunday.

Weekend 22nd / 23rd - Geddes' forecast for good wave conditions did not work for Saturday but there was a short period of thermic activity before cloud blocked out all lift. Stuart and Chris set off cross country with the Duo and landed at Aboyne because of the spreadout, getting an aerotow back. No one else managed any soaring. Sunday was wet and the windsock was replaced.

Weekend 15th / 16th - Both days started wet and became flyable later. The Jaffa K-6cr that has been stored at Kinloss for several years arrived back at Easterton and will now be nursed back to flying condition by Stuart Naylor.

Wednesday 12th - Arranged at short notice a small crew made up of mostly absent members namely Colin Haddow and Mike Foreman had some decent soaring with Geddes supervising.

Weekend 8th / 9th - Saturday was mostly circuits with the exception of Chris Gill and Mike Black who both managed some soaring. Sunday brought a visit from Colin Haddow who renewed his acquaintance with the club and the K-8.

Weekend 1st / 2nd - The crosswind was too strong on Saturday for any flying. Sunday was a busy day with the Rothes Glen Ridge working and a few thermals to be had even the cloudbase was a bit low at 2,400 feet.


Weekend 25th / 26th - Saturday started wet but if anyone had hung around it was flyable in the afternoon. Sunday was a busy day with reasonable conditions.

Weekend 18th / 19th - Saturday was wiped out because of rain, but Sunday was pleasant and productive, with some decent conditions.

Sunday 12th - Rain all day.

Saturday 11th July - The day started overcast with an easterly wind. By midday the sun was starting to break through and the afternoon gave some weak thermal. The winch was well used by our visitors from Kinloss who were on detachment supporting an exercise there.

Sunday 5th July - Very similar to yesterday, what little lift there was around was difficult to stay up in. At least it stayed dry.

Saturday 4th July - The sun shone and it was warm but the thermals proved very elusive. We had 4 trial lessons who all appeared to very much enjoy their flights, some even had extras.


Saturday 27th / Sunday 28th - The second and final leg of the Scottish Inter Club League was held at Easterton this weekend. A combined Highland / Fulmar team won the competition, follow the link for the task details and the results.

Sunday 21st June - The day started promising enough but the sea breeze chased the thermal way too far inland.

Saturday 20th June - Some excellent thermal soaring to be had with the LS-8 managing Newtonmore and back. Congratulations to Phil who completed his Full Cat instructor.

Saturday 13th / Sunday 14th - Not particularly inspiring weather but despite the rain Stuart Naylor managed to get enough flying in to complete his Full Cat instructor, well done Stuart.

Saturday 6th / Sunday 7th - Very similar days that both started with low cloud but improved with some half decent thermal as the day went on.


Sunday 31st - Another cracking day with some pilots getting 7,000 feet in thermal in the Spey Valley which is quite exceptional for this part of the world.

Saturday 30th - The day started sunny and warm with a clear blue sky and a light south-easterly wind. Gliders were launched and stayed up on the Dallas ridge, in thermal and even wave with Phil getting to 11,500 feet at Aberlour in the LS7. By early afternoon the crosswind had increased such that it was out of limits for the tug. Not be defeated

we waited and were rewarded when the wind dropped mid afternoon to allow Martin to be launched in 770 and Stuart in Fulmar's new Discus (27). They had long tows to the Spey valley but were rewarded with high climbs in wave.

Sunday 24th - Unlike yesterday the wave was working and despite a small crew again there were some notable wave climbs. Well done to Karl Melen who has a gold height claim after getting to 18,000 feet in Astir R67. Mark Norton also had a good wave climb to 13,500 feet and sent some pictures of his flight that can be viewed by clicking on the wee picture.

Scottish Inter Club League Report 

Saturday 23rd - A quiet day with a lot of the membership away at Portmoak for the Inter Club League. Nearer home the southerly crosswind and odd shower threatened to ruin the day. Ian Laing saved the day buy coming out to do some tug flying for us. There was quite a bit of soaring on the Dallas ridge and surrounding area up to 3,000 feet later in the afternoon. Wave threatened for most of the day but nobody made contact.

Sunday 17th - A crosswind from the SE and a few showers in the early afternoon gave the impression that flying might be curtailed. However, the weather gods were good to us, the crosswind dropped a bit and by late afternoon pilots were reporting strong lift to a cloudbase of 5,000 feet with Ian Laing getting to 7,000 feet in Fulmar's Discus (27) which is the replacement for R53.

Saturday 16th - Rain and low cloud so no flying. Quite a lot of work done around the site though.

Sunday 10th - Stunning day with thermal to 5,000 feet which was slightly marred when the Duo burst a tyre on landing causing some minor damage.

Saturday 9th - A moderate westerly wind with good thermals up to 5,000 ft. There were some heavy showers at the end of the day.

Sunday 3rd - Only 4 launches this day but Jim and Glenda had the best of it with 1 hour 50 minutes in the K-21.

Saturday 2nd - Not a very big crew out but there was some flying and even some soaring between the showers. The K-21 trailer had the welding job completed but there's still a lot of painting and fitting out to do before it's ready for the road.


Sunday 26th - Bad visibility gave way to thunder and lightning and heavy rain. No flying again.

Saturday 25th - Very bad visibility that never really improved. No flying apart from one motorglider flight to check conditions and that didn't take long. The day wasn't wasted since we found new ways to pack the hangar so that we have room for a temporary workshop.

Sunday 19th - Lots of launches but very little soaring, the tug would have made all the difference. should be back online next week though.

Saturday 18th - The weather was slow to clear but there was some flying in the afternoon, mostly circuits.

Sunday 12th - There was some good thermal around today but the sea breeze did come in for a while in the middle of the day. A couple of trial lessons were flown in the motor glider since the tug is still grounded for reasons of paperwork after the C of A.

Task Week - Sunday 5th to Saturday 11th April - Final Results and Report.

Saturday 4th April - No flying due to rain. The directors had a board meeting and lots of work was done around the site in preparation for the start of the task week.



Sunday 29th - There was supposedly some decent flying and soaring but the exact details have not been reported to the webmaster.

Saturday 28th - Rain, no flying.

Sunday 22nd - Not as cold as yesterday but still no flying due to the blustery wind.

Saturday 21st - Winter returned for another bite with strong northerly winds and snow showers all day and of course no flying.

Tuesday 24th - A special day organised for RAF personnel who managed to organise the weather as well for once with over 6 hours soaring and 22 launches for the day. Full credit to the instructors who turned out and especially to Chris who drove the winch all day.

Sunday 22nd - Too much wind and rain for flying and just as well because we were all taking our Mothers out to lunch!

Saturday 21st - The day started with a low cloud base and a strong west north-west breeze which gave scraps of lift.  As soon as Carl left to watch rugby, the day improved with thermals of 6 kts to 4000 ft.

Sunday 15th - Much lighter winds and the ridge did work at times, there was some soaring.

Saturday 14th - Only 2 flights before the wind got out of limits and flying had to stop.

Sunday 8th - No flying again due to bad weather but we did have the AGM. Angela Veitch and Peter Goodfellow have retired from the board of directors. The Chairman thanked them for their valuable service. There was a meal and presentation of trophies afterwards.

Saturday 7th - Wind and rain, no flying.

Sunday 1st - A similar day to yesterday with spring thermals and the ridge working.



Saturday 28th - The first thermals of the year with some pilots getting to around 3,000 ft. The ridge was also working for most of the day if you couldn't catch a thermal.

Sunday 22nd - Too windy for flying. Chris and Scott were at Aboyne helping with the C of A for the tug. Geddes was at a CFIs conference at Portmoak.

Saturday 21st - A rapid thaw and all the snow has disappeared and luckily the airfield is dry enough for flying. The day started very windy with the Discus flown by Scott getting into wave directly off a winch launch followed by the K-21 with Phil and Morag shortly afterwards. Scott reached 11,500 feet in the wave. Later in the day the wind eased and the ridge was was working for anyone that wanted it.

Saturday 7th to Sunday 15th - The airfield was covered in a thick blanket of snow. Most people stayed away as advised so as not to get their vehicles stuck.

Sunday 1st - The wave was still there but with a lot less wind. One problem however, a lot more cloud. Several gliders went up through gaps that subsequently closed. Mark Norton flying the Junior came out of cloud in the Lossiemouth area. Not having enough height to get back to Easterton he put out a "Pan call" asking for permission to land at RAF Lossiemouth and was subsequently given it. The glider was later aerotow retrieved to Easterton.



Saturday 31st - Very windy, no flying but lots of wave clouds in the sky.

Sunday 25th - No flying due to rain in  the morning. Tony B and Jim T have started stripping the K-21 trailer so that it can be repaired and re-furbished. Anyone who wants' to give a hand speak to Martin or Tony.

Saturday 24th - A nice sunny day with brisk SW winds. Most pilots managed to stay up on the ridge for a while although it did switch off at times.

Sunday 18th - No flying due to wind and rain.

Saturday 17th - Sunny with quite strong westerly winds with the ridge working intermittently. The club chairman, Robert Tait, flew our special guest, Angus Robertson MP, in the K-21 for 40 minutes.  Follow the LINK for photos. Everyone then sat down to lunch prepared by Glenda where Angus was happy to chat with members about his earlier glider flight and to discuss local issues affecting the club, the main one being windfarm developments.

Weekend 10th / 11th - Very windy all weekend, no flying.

Sunday 4th - Rain.

Saturday 3rd - A good start to the year with the ridge working most of the day and some weak wave around. Congratulations to Rich Thornton who managed to get his 2 hour endurance flight. It was however very cold with the temperature below freezing for most of the day

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