Not much to report with many people away on holiday. Team Easterton did well at the Inter Club League at Feshie on the weekend 26th / 27th July. Saturday was the only competition day and pilots form Highland made the best of the conditions, scoring heavily to win the trophy for FULMAR ! The results are below.

OVERALL RESULTS     DAY 1   DAY 2   DAY 3              TOTAL

FULMAR                        1818     1141     1600                 4560

HIGHLAND                    1820     1021     769                   3610

DEESIDE                       1752     1380     182                   3314

SGC                               962       1857     216                   3035

CAIRNGORM                861       962       149                   1972



The K-21 is still being worked on but there does now appear to be light at the end of the tunnel. We had the Dallas ridge working on at least one day and another of good thermals with a cloudbase of 4,000 ft.



Not a lot of flying days this month considering it's only early Autumn. we did manage to get the K-21 back in the air after an extended C of A. many thanks to Stuart and the rest of his team for their hard work there. We have announced the first Spring Mountain Soaring Championships to be held from the 5th to 11th April 2009.



A reasonable amount of flying at the weekends that saw us with the last of the summer thermals, a few ridge days and a bit of wave but not as good as some years. The highlight of the month was a very successful RAF expedition where the weather was kind enough to give us virtually a whole weeks flying.



Morag Allan of Fulmar re-soloed on Saturday 1st. The weekend 8th / 9th was very good with wave all weekend. A few notables were, the K-8 at 7,000 ft and the Duo at 15,000 ft with a flight to Feshie.



The Fulmar Duo Discus has gone to Poland for refurbishment. Not a bad month considering the time of year with quite a few ridge and wave flights but nothing outstanding. By far the coldest winter we have had for years.

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