The Longest Day Diary

Flying started at about 7am with a soaring flight in the Acro on the ridge. After that it was steady with weak thermals lasting for most of the day. We flew on into the evening amassing over 60 launches in the end. Robert Tait, our CFI, was unable to do his widely publicised 750K in the ASH today due to the indifferent weather. Not being a man to waste his time he spent the day getting checked out to fly the tug instead.


Robert is congratulated by John Leighton who cleared him to go solo in the Supermunk.


The barbecue was excellent as ever and once again we have to thank Phil Penrose for organizing it and also to Guy Davidson and Nick Hyde who were sous chefs on the evening.

Question: How do you save £50 a year at Easterton.

Answer: Barbecue a glider trailer!

The Jantar syndicate bought another trailer a couple of years ago as their old one was disintegrating and beyond economic repair. However, the treasurer counting 2 Jantar trailers in the trailer park charged twice the annual rate. A spur of the moment decision was made to barbecue the old trailer.

First of all the vultures or should I say members were given 5 minutes to remove anything that might be useful.


Roy removes the air ventilator.


The wheels are removed.


Angie and Francis need more time to remove the light fittings. The fact that the screw heads long ago turned to iron oxide doesn't help.


Let the burning begin ........................





The best thermal all day!




Ooops, some of neighbours in Birnie village got a bit worried when they saw the smoke and called the Fire Brigade. We have been warned that if we want to make any more sacrifices to the great god of wave then we should ring Fire Brigade Headquarters first.



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