A busy weekend for us, with a good number of soaring flights both days. Saturday had some wave around from 3000 feet or so, mostly out to the west, enough to keep Phil up for an hour and a half in 753. Wind on the ground was pretty weak and across the field again, so we were changing ends to make the best of it.
The long grass caught us out a bit later in the day, with the Eurofox front wheel spat and the K21 wheel well both absolutely ram-packed with grass lifted off the field.
Today, weak southerly again, and completely blue for most of the day. Weak thermals this morning got a bit more oomph as the day went on and the K21, Junior and 354 all had soaring flights. Ian took a long tow down towards Aboyne in 115 to reposition it for the UKMSC, which starts next weekend.
Exceedingly blooming hot this afternoon, at 28 degrees. And quite a long day, with the last TM launching after 5.
This is what Toni pulled out of the tug's front spat!

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