A pretty wind day yesterday, but at least it was straight down the strip, letting us get some useful flying done. Training and soaring flights in HYJ and R1, though it was all a bit powerful to let Adrian go off in the Junior until the wind died down a bit in the late afternoon.
Today, we were greeted by a similar strength of wind, but this time right across the strip, gusting well over limits for the tug and with frequent showers going through. We took advantage of lulls in the wind to get the ASW15 into the workshop for its annual and move the fuselage for our simulator into its (nearly) exact position in the clubhouse, where Mike and Ellen, Robert and Colin all got the cleaning materials out and started clearing away a year's worth of workshop grime.
Next phase is to build the enclosing partition walls and work out some control connections.
At least we're getting some impression of the changes this will make in the clubhouse!

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