What a grand weekend! Actually flying both days is a step forward and we even had some local soaring. No-one going very far (I heard people were out towards Forres and Findhorn area yesterday) but a fairly well-filled log sheet for both days. Great to see young (reducing the club average age by a big factor!) Ian Tait back in the saddle after finishing off his degree and to know that he's got a job here, so we'll be seeing him around a good bit more. Adrian also making progress in the Junior and a god number of members around today.
We also managed to get Gary flying after a few weather-failed attempts and he seems very keen to get into proper training. All rounded off by some happy trial flights on both days.
This afternoon there was a de-rigging and packing-up exercise for 770 and 354, both of which are heading south next weekend on our wee club expedition to Wolds GC at Pocklington in sunny south Yorkshire, along with 753 and maybe Otto. We're hoping for some sunshine and decent thermals during our week there, along with flat land flying that might allow some decent cross-country aviation

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