A surprisingly good weekend for us, considering the hefty crosswinds we had from the south. They made for some sphincter-clenching tows yesterday, and sporty doesn't really do justice to the approaches!
In between, there were rowdy thermals up to around 4,000' and several soaring flights.
Today, the wind was a tiny bit more from the southeast, so the tows were still "hands on and stay sharp" through the day. But the thermals were strong and a bit broken up and cloudbase edged up from 3,500' early on to around 4,500' in the afternoon. Again, soaring and training flights and some currency checks.
Good to see so many members out over the two days, and new ones too, including young Jake, who had a useful half hour today with Mike.
Special thanks to our brave tug pilots Stuart, John and Toni, who notched up her milestone of 300 power hours this afternoon.

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