Report an incident or Health and Safety issue

Anyone can leave a report, you do not need to have any fixed role within the club or be a member.  We are always open to comments and suggestions and would welcome any feedback.

Use this form:
a) To report an incident even if it is serious enough to require formal completion of a full BGA or AAIB accident/incident report
b) To report an incident that you feel may carry a lesson for others
c) To report an incident where you were the only witness
d) To report an incident you feel may be, or is becoming, part of a trend
e) To make other informal suggestions regarding operational or flying safety
f) To make anonymous reports on any safety-related matter

To leave an anonymous report make sure you are logged out of the website and do not enter anything in the Name or Email field.

Your report will be sent to the Safety Officer and the Board of Directors.

If your report takes more than 15 minutes to compile, we recommend that you compose it offline (in Word or a similar program) then paste it into this form when complete.

If you are having problems with this form you can send your report to or . Sending an email direct may not be anonymous.

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